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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

This story sucks you into the troubled mind of Neve. Neve isn't your typical teenager she has lost her mother, her father has left to be with someone else, by doing this Neve is left with her wicked. Neve lives a lonely life keeping to herself, with no friends or family solitude has become her life.
On her eighteenth birthday her stepmother kicks her out, without actually knowing it this is where Neve's life could actually begin, where she can use self discovery to change her life and turn it around. After meeting the wonderfully strange Diner guys, Neve manages to bag herself a couch to sleep on, but how much will Neve gain? Will she manage to conquer her demons and overcome the view she holds of herself? Only Neve can change the course of her life, take control and remove those labels she has placed upon herself.

I feel there is only one issue with this book it leaves you wanting more. This is a beautifully written Novella Katherine has woven in such emotion into this story it literally hits your heart, she has also managed to place a lot of whit in this story which is mainly Neve's spunky attitude. I found each character developed very well, each one held a sence of mystery wich makes you want to know more. I loved each scene in the Diner these scenes I felt gave the book a little something special.

I would recommend this Book to all Y/A & N/A.

 Review of Ariel Rising. By A. J. Sparber.

Ari Worthington is your average young lady she has her life plan worked out with normal hopes and dreams. Aries life changes after an encounter with her Ex boyfriend, poor Luke ends up with more than he bargained for after an unsavoury argument in the woods. Arie is not only surprised with her strength but speed as well which leaves her mind whirling. All of this leads to one major thing, something that she cannot turn around from something where she wont be able to go back from, Davin.
Incredibly perfect Davin a bundle of witty perfection all in one package, But with Davin brings life changing earth shattering news.

A. J. Sparber brings us a unique view point on Angels. Between Hot perfect Aliens/Angels, a planet called Olympus, Romance, Tragedy, Adventure and War this Book has something for everyone.
Ariels Rising bought out mixed feelings in me, this is an unusual take on Alien/Angels. I felt this story was quite complex with many layers every chapter revealed something new in their history and what they are. There is a lot of information to take in so much so that it's hard to keep up with what everything and remember it.
I felt the characters a lough developed well and many different aspects to them, they came across to perfect for my liking they lacked emotion hence I didn't fully connect with them. I love it when you're reading and everything plays out in your mind almost like your personal movie and this just didn't do it for me. 
I fine the whole different take on Olympus fascinating this deviates away from everything we know of Olympus and puts its own swag on things.

Super Sexy, Smoking Hot.

Into The Fire; By E.L Todd. 
Into the fire brings you a super hot, steamy read that keeps you mesmerized with its sexiness right through to the last page. 
Alessandra isn't what you would call your average, normal girl; she is an escort! ( But not what you're thinking) Alessandra is apart of a company that escorts men to functions - posing to be a girlfriend. Alessandra finds her life shaken up when Ash enters her world; The tall, solidly - built, bundle of smoldering sexiness, covered in Ink; Ash could not be any hotter! 
Ash finds himself in need of an escort in order to gain back something that is owed to him. Can either Alessandra or Ash change their single minded lifestyles, are they able to settle down; or are they forever stuck in their ways? 

You'll find your - self completely captivated by this very well written story. I personally Loved this ride! It's full of hot, sexy scenes; that leaves you feeling hot and bothered. We have Ash Ex- Soldier in Afghanistan, Inked; Full of arrogant cockiness. This screams fast page turner! The characters are very well developed, you watch them grow, and in-turn falls with the difficulties that is everyday life. This superb story wrapt's you in its pages so much so that you feel all the emotions, tension, sadness; hope and love. 

I fully recommend this book as a 5 Cream Queen Stars.


Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author Kimberly Readnour.)

Visions: Is a Young Adult Paranormal Mystery. Heather, who's far from a typical teenager, finds herself under the microscope of her home - town. Heather hears the names thrown at her like "Freak" amongst other labels. She lives her life in solitude, keeping herself separated from everyone her age. Heather finds her Gift difficult to deal with and wishes to be ordinary; But then again what is normal? 

Heather and her mother end up moving house, in the hope of a fresh start, A new beginning; Little do they know this town holds an array of secrets and horrors. Heather unearths a mystery and begins working towards solving this unattractive secret with her new friends.

There is no knowing what ugly secrets Heather will uncover, in this action packed story.

I feel this is a very enjoyable read, you will find it packed with; action, and unsolved mysteries. I feel the story is steady, too fast paced, it was hard to place the book down for any length of time. The mystery aspect has great structure; I enjoyed heathers unraveling the horrors bit by bit, and solving Johnny's story. The character are well developed, and we're easy to connect with; they along with the story flowed wonderfully.

Overall, I found this a very well written story, you have; Action, mystery; murder, romance; sadness, and hope. What more could you desire from a book


Dark Star; By Cassandra Webb. 
(Source: I received this E-Book direct from the author; Cassandra Webb, in exchange for my honest opinion and Review. ) 
Remember lives in a world of magic, she lives a quiet life with her mother; That is until Leon enters her life bringing forth a life of spying and deception. 

Cassandra Webb has a unique way of writing; I find her stories are recognizable. The story is a short novella, telling you a short story of a girl called; Remember. It’s a very quick read it roughly took me 45 minutes from start to finish. 

Dark Star, is a perfect read For Young Adult, and I would say even younger, children from 9 - 10 upwards would have no difficulty with this book. Cassandra Webb keeps everything clean and brings you into a Fantasy world of Magic. A heroin with a Destiny, Life Changing Missions! 

A short but fun read.

Superb Read! A Body Under A Wall! Murder Mystery.

  ( Source: I received this book from; BookLover CatLady Publicity, in exchange for my honest review and opinion.) Sycamore Gap; A DCI Ryan Mystery. By L.J. Ross.

Sycamore Gap was based on Detective Chief Inspector Ryan and his Murder solving abilities. Ryan has to face his emotional demons once again when the body of a young woman is discovered; after ten years of being lain under the wall at Sycamore Gap.
A brilliant story of cat and mouse, with a killer who is not just smart, but always ten steps ahead!
You can enjoy the witty banter in this well-written story of Murder, Mystery; with a dash of romance.

Sycamore Gap is a genuinely brilliant story; Based on the intricate workings of Detective Chief Inspector Ryan's mind, And his case solving abilities. We see a whirlwind of emotions from DCI Ryan as he undergoes a complicated murder case, which in turn drags up old demons that Ryan has tried to put to rest. Ryan is an adorable character I, feel you can easily connect with him and all the characters of this book; They are all very well developed. Sycamore Gap is the first book I have read in this Genre and am superbly surprised I have enjoyed it so much! I will certainly be reading more from Author L.J. Ross in the future! 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Short But Good Read!!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review direct from the Author.

First of all I would like to say Thank you Ivy Sinclair for giving me the chance to enter the world of Riley & Paige.

I nearly had a heart attack Half an Hour into this book! I had started it like 30 mins previously and suddenly my eyes went to the dreaded bottom right hand corner of my Kindle and I saw that is was 59% of the way through. My eye's slightly widened and I thought no how can this be!! Have I suddenly somehow skipped a huge part of the book so I scrolled back 2 - 3 pages to find no I was exactly where I should be! So I whipped my Mac out and came onto Good-Reads and tapped in "Protect Her" By Ivy Sinclair and PHHEEEWWWW!!! I found that this was just "Part #1 " and that there was a 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11!!! Thank Blimming god for that, because seriously this is a great start to a story, and i'm ploughing right onto part #2! Even though I have a whole handful of R2R's that are waiting patiently for me to start them! 

Loving the cover by the way! Definitely suits the book! 

I'm of now as I can't wait any longer to find out what happen's in part#2 as WOW I did not see coming who Christopher was gonna turn out to be!! 


My Rating : 5/5 Stars
Total time to read : 1 Hour!
Favourite Character : Riley
Next Book in the series : Yes Part 2