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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Hot Sexy Read! By A.M.Hargrove


I received this book direct from the author A.M.Hargrove.

I want to say thank you for passing me your book and welcoming me to world of Sabin. I am now thanks to you in love with hot sexy Aliens! And am now a huge fan of steamy sci-fi books, you have given me a whole new genre of reading.

Now this is a hot hot hot read! I have to say when I started this book I wasn't expecting to be so captivated, the characters are so tight, this is a flawless well thought out and superbly written book, and I loved every second of it.

SABIN I fell in love with him immediately, he is such an interesting complex character. Hot sexy sure of himself alien with just enough insecurity's to make us go all mushy.
He is the commander of the seven. ( Now we're talking seven hot hot super sexy flawless aliens ) they have one thing they live for and that is to protect Judgement Day and the paradox ) But all that changes when Sabin and Serena are thrown together.

SERENA is a strong sassy character she is so loveable, But you wouldn't want to get on her wrong side! There are so many parts in this book where her sassiness and strong mindedness made me laugh! The chemistry between her and Sabin is wonderful, it's the kind we all long for in our own lives.

EDGE I adored he is someone we all want in our lives! That funny crazy boyish character that constantly puts a smile on our faces and makes us feel the world is a better place! He is such a happy go lucky character and his relationship between himself and Serena is just lovely.

RAFE is great and there was a scene in this book between him and Serena that just made me laugh out loud it was so funny.

This is such a brilliant read I fully recommend even if you're not an sci fi fan ( you soon will be! ) Just take the time to read it A.M.Hargrove doesn't disappoint.

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  1. Thank you Charlotte for sharing this AHHH-MAZING review!!! xoxo I'm thrilled you loved Sabin and the Seven this much! ((HUGS))