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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Superb Read! A Body Under A Wall! Murder Mystery.

  ( Source: I received this book from; BookLover CatLady Publicity, in exchange for my honest review and opinion.) Sycamore Gap; A DCI Ryan Mystery. By L.J. Ross.

Sycamore Gap was based on Detective Chief Inspector Ryan and his Murder solving abilities. Ryan has to face his emotional demons once again when the body of a young woman is discovered; after ten years of being lain under the wall at Sycamore Gap.
A brilliant story of cat and mouse, with a killer who is not just smart, but always ten steps ahead!
You can enjoy the witty banter in this well-written story of Murder, Mystery; with a dash of romance.

Sycamore Gap is a genuinely brilliant story; Based on the intricate workings of Detective Chief Inspector Ryan's mind, And his case solving abilities. We see a whirlwind of emotions from DCI Ryan as he undergoes a complicated murder case, which in turn drags up old demons that Ryan has tried to put to rest. Ryan is an adorable character I, feel you can easily connect with him and all the characters of this book; They are all very well developed. Sycamore Gap is the first book I have read in this Genre and am superbly surprised I have enjoyed it so much! I will certainly be reading more from Author L.J. Ross in the future! 

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