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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Loved This Book..!!

OMG YES YES YES, I have been waiting for this book for so long, and it was worth every slow second. I was a sucker for the Sweet Evil trilogy, and Sweet Temptation pulled my heart strings even more. I absolutely loved this book, I'm so glad Wendy Higgins has allowed us to see everything from kaidans point of view, I adore his character I did from the start but this has made me fall in love with him all over again! He is definitely my favourite YA book-boyfriend.!

Kaidan is amazing I find him this scrap of hot sexiness that is so unshaw of himself with so much self-loathing, but in another is full of himself when he is in his element Sex.... Boy would I kill for a night with kaiden Rowe! Well, actually I just wish is was Anna....... ( I secretly love her to! ) Anna is such a sweet but strong character. This book makes you smile, laugh, and feel sad, sometimes all at once, you will need tissues at the end, but they are tears of heart warming happiness. i found the ending amazing to hear how kai felt about Anna and then his New family, also the loss of Marna... 

Wendy Higgins is an amazing writer she sucks you in so quickly her stories are brilliant with wonderful characters, I love every single character in this series, Blake is on of my favourites. I love the way Wendy writes and makes it so easy to read. This is by far the best series like ever!! YOU MUST MUST Read...!!!!!!!

This is a fast page turner so before you know it kai's story is over :( but he will always have a place in my heart!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I will be 100% honest this took a little getting into, I found I had to re-go over a few things I.E which character was which and what side they were on, It took me to 24% progress before it finally all clicked for me, and I can honestly say once all clicked into place I found it enjoyable.

I did find parts confusing, along with the way Barbara writes, I found her writing style quite interesting and sometimes I lost what what was going on, due to the way she writes, so in places i got lost and found my attention wavering.

The Nexis Secret is a story about two groups 'The Nexis' & 'The Gaurdians' Which have gone back generations, Nexis wants to take over the world.! And in order to succeed they need the Seer on their side.

I found Lucy very annoying at times i found she is like a whirlwind going round and round in those infamous circles, i also found her character very young & annoying, but then again she is meant to be only 16, i think i just find that coming into her seer position i thought she should have pulled up those big girl panties, and grow up a little, but i also found other sides to her that appealed to me,

Bryan I liked, will put a smile on my face with all that smarmy charm.

I liked this story as a whole, and I will certainly be getting my grabby mitts on book#2 this November...! Plus 3&4 in 2016.!

I hope Lucy comes back in #book2 that much stronger and less whiny, with a good dose of action. :) all in all I did like this story and I gradually got used to barbaras writing style, so all good and I did find it an enjoyable read, so thank you. :)

Saturday, 19 September 2015

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

OMG can I just say I LOVED this book.!!!!!! seriously if your sceptical with regards reading a book based on aliens, don't be with Pangalax.!! I am so so glad I have read this, it's Brilliant...!

Sm Koz has a great way of writing, it was easy to read, i love the characters, Veya was amazing i adored her strong character, i felt quite sorry for her throughout the book, Kye is just every girls dream he really made this book, and i am desperate to see where his & veyas relationship goes in Earth Book 2...

I found there were times where I actually found myself laughing out loud, and then times especially towards the end where it was so sad...!

But I can't stress enough YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK...! It has everything Action, Paranormal events, Love, Twists and turns, And what a cliff Hanger..!!!!!

My only thing is when i turned that last page to be met with the name of book 2 Earth... coming in 2017 What 2 years why so long, we all have to wait 2 years when you leave a cliff hanger like that.?????? Whhaaatttt we may be dead by then.????????? i can't stress enough that this is too long to wait.!


I received this book Direct from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

WOW WOW WOW! I loved this book, The Vaga #2 of the Kuthun series is spellbinding, once I started reading that was it and it finished all to quickly. I loved book 1 and I love book 2 even more.! I like the way S A Carter writes, I adore her characters, Elanor is so much more grown up in book 2.

My intuition was so correct regards Elanor & julian the cured Venator at the end of book 1, there is a Romance Blossoming YAY...! And he is Meant to be the father of her child who is to walk the Earth & bring forth the light once more, the reincarnation of Isis the light barer.

I find this whole series captivating, there is just the right amount of action I don't feel it's actually missing anything, there is Action, witchyness, hocus-pocus, Romance, hot young Men, all wrapped up in a mesmerising story.

I was so pleased to find the Taqoq Wiyon has made his appearance in this book he is one of my Favourites.! And Sam is a pleasant surprise he is such a great character with an outgoing personality, especially when Elanor finally find out he is a shapeshifter, and can be herself around him.

I am now desperately awaiting book #3 really wanting to find out what happens....... What a cliff Hanger Sheree you know exactly how to pike our interest, and make sure we are dangling there awaiting to get our sticky book mitts on that much anticipated book#3