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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I will be 100% honest this took a little getting into, I found I had to re-go over a few things I.E which character was which and what side they were on, It took me to 24% progress before it finally all clicked for me, and I can honestly say once all clicked into place I found it enjoyable.

I did find parts confusing, along with the way Barbara writes, I found her writing style quite interesting and sometimes I lost what what was going on, due to the way she writes, so in places i got lost and found my attention wavering.

The Nexis Secret is a story about two groups 'The Nexis' & 'The Gaurdians' Which have gone back generations, Nexis wants to take over the world.! And in order to succeed they need the Seer on their side.

I found Lucy very annoying at times i found she is like a whirlwind going round and round in those infamous circles, i also found her character very young & annoying, but then again she is meant to be only 16, i think i just find that coming into her seer position i thought she should have pulled up those big girl panties, and grow up a little, but i also found other sides to her that appealed to me,

Bryan I liked, will put a smile on my face with all that smarmy charm.

I liked this story as a whole, and I will certainly be getting my grabby mitts on book#2 this November...! Plus 3&4 in 2016.!

I hope Lucy comes back in #book2 that much stronger and less whiny, with a good dose of action. :) all in all I did like this story and I gradually got used to barbaras writing style, so all good and I did find it an enjoyable read, so thank you. :)

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