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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Super Sexy, Smoking Hot.

Into The Fire; By E.L Todd. 
Into the fire brings you a super hot, steamy read that keeps you mesmerized with its sexiness right through to the last page. 
Alessandra isn't what you would call your average, normal girl; she is an escort! ( But not what you're thinking) Alessandra is apart of a company that escorts men to functions - posing to be a girlfriend. Alessandra finds her life shaken up when Ash enters her world; The tall, solidly - built, bundle of smoldering sexiness, covered in Ink; Ash could not be any hotter! 
Ash finds himself in need of an escort in order to gain back something that is owed to him. Can either Alessandra or Ash change their single minded lifestyles, are they able to settle down; or are they forever stuck in their ways? 

You'll find your - self completely captivated by this very well written story. I personally Loved this ride! It's full of hot, sexy scenes; that leaves you feeling hot and bothered. We have Ash Ex- Soldier in Afghanistan, Inked; Full of arrogant cockiness. This screams fast page turner! The characters are very well developed, you watch them grow, and in-turn falls with the difficulties that is everyday life. This superb story wrapt's you in its pages so much so that you feel all the emotions, tension, sadness; hope and love. 

I fully recommend this book as a 5 Cream Queen Stars.

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