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Monday, 2 November 2015

A Thrilling read of immortals.

Emerge. By Melissa A. Craven.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Melissa A. Craven has seriously just joined the top of my list of favourite Authors! Such an impressive start to a series and definitely has me wanting more!
I loved this book it flowed really easily, a fast page turner that kept me engrossed from start to finish, a highly recommended top read! 

This book is based on Allie who spends most of her life alone and misunderstood, people shy away from her, but there is a reason people shy away from her and she has no idea why. After a Un expected move her life is tipped upside down, this is where the handsome mysterious Aiden appears in her life, he doesn't shy away from her like she is used to. She faces hard times uncertainty, fear, and will have a lot of challenges thrown at her. I will go no further as I don't want to ruin the book for you.!

Allies is such a strong amazing character, this is a brilliant thing about this book, Y/A needs more strong female characters. I love her witty attitude and huge personality. She has such sassiness, which for me suites a flaming redhead with startling green eyes.! 

Aiden for me is a great character he along with Allie are my favourite characters. I love the relationship between Allie and Aiden and I am hoping for new height with book 2. 

Every character in this book flowed beautifully I enjoyed every single one of them. Liam I just adored! I loved the way they developed with the book, and they were so realistic, each and every one had a significance with the book and made it what it was, I love how Melissa built each one of them into this thrilling story, there wasn't any small time characters ( maybe apart from vince.) the focus was on all of them not just Allie and Aiden.

The whole Immortal thing is just great you would think well they are immortal so they are going to be something like your typical Angels or Vampire, but no they are immortal beings, who live supposedly for Infinity. However there are ways for them to be killed! And this makes this book so exciting as you don't quite know what is going to happen to them. 

This is a fabulous story line a perfect read if you like Action, sassiness, Romance, suspense and hot sexy immortals that can kick ass...

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