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Thursday, 5 November 2015

I am Ella

I Am Ella. Buy Me. By Joan Ellis

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I found this book difficult to connect with, it took quite a while to get into it and at around 43% it clicked for me, I don't really know why as it's a great story line based in the 80s where sexism was tolerated and morals were limited! With the main character Ella who is the copywriter for a company called CBA. I found Ella a really strong character who quite frankly was Bad-Ass when you think about how she handles situations in the male environment of CBA.

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She is laughed at & belittled, her ideas are stolen, she is treated with little to no respect at all. Ella spends a huge amount of her time dodging the slime ball of a man Peter Richards her Boss the Creative Director of CBA, When they have a little to much to drink one lunch time Ela returns to the office to re do her speech/letter pretending to be Marmalade from Kitty Rescue,

Having had enough alcohol to make her be outspoken she writes Marmalades letter then leaves it on her desk, this is then faxed through to Kitty Rescue and Ella is fired! But her boss has other ideas in order for Ella to keep her job he want's to come to a " little arrangement "! Amm well that doesn't sound to good does it? But does ella agree to fulfil his sexual needs in the office? Even worse does she see them through?? Well, you just going to have to wait and find out!! 

Peter was such a slime ball of a man I actually found him quite repulsive. Poor Ella!

I had two favourite characters. 'Wally & Adam' Wally was a very special character. I adored the relationship he had with Ella what a special man he was. Adam well he was just lovely and I'm so pleased with the ending of this book! Things are looking up for Ella! 

This reminds me of the boys at CBA!
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Joan Ellis is an inspiring Author she writes with such sparkling wit and is incredibly funny.

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