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Sunday, 15 November 2015

What lies within.

A book by James Morris.

I received this book from BookLoverCatLady in exchange for an honest review!

Here goes, I have rated 3 stars because I did like it but it didn't woo my socks off. I thought this book was written very well, a lough I did find a couple of spelling mistakes.

What lies within has been written very well, I liked the plot, I found that the characters okay. 

Shelly annoyed me I found for me she was a very selfish character that only really thought about herself instead of the people around her. She never thought about the consequences of her actions and how that would effect the people around her.

I loved winston he for me was a solid loveable character who brought love and stability to the book and I hope that if there is ever a book 2 winston will have a spot in that book.

This story is based on shelly who at the start was just your ordinary teenager at school with her one true Betsy Winston. She didn't really have any friends but Winston was her rock through out life. She suddenly receives a text from someone claiming she is in danger and that he is her brother, for shelly this is like freak out time She doesn't have a brother, she is an only child or so she thinks. I really don't want to give anything away and spoil it for someone else! So i'm going to stop but say there is plenty of heart pounding action as shelly uncovers her life and the mysteries behind her "Brother" and why they exist and the reasons behind her berth.

I actually like the motorcycle man! The assassin he really appealed to me it was just his little cocky gestures and I liked a scene near to the end of the book! 

I think I will actually read this book again! I think that my apprehension with this book is due to reading it straight after a few months of reading Romances, so for sure I will delve back into this book some time in the future.

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