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Monday, 2 November 2015

Fun Halloween Read.!

I found this a perfect short  read for halloween, which is exactly what I purchased it for.
I sat in front of the fire on halloween night and read this in 35 minuets.
It's a great short read full of fun and witchy shenanigans.
Emily comes into her powers when she turns 16, naturally she creates magic and mayhem! She raises the dead with a spell to revive her step brother after an accident. She brings back peter her ghost who she couldn't see until she actually turned 16, but he had been there all her life silently watching her sitting in her bedroom most nights. Peter is such a cool character and I felt it very moving at the end where Emily has to reverse the spell to send all the Zombies back to their Graves, which in turn allows peter to move on to the other side. Emily's & Peters short connection was amusing and fun.
This book made me smile and laugh ( even at the end get a little emotional ) 
It totally live up to its title "Halloween Magic & Mayhem"
I will certainly be reading Stella Wilkinson's other Books.

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