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Friday, 13 November 2015

Mind manipulation! Definitely a good read!

Dawn of the dreamer. By L.J. Higgins.

Mind manipulation   A world where everything revolves around an Organisation using a wristcuff as a form of mind control! You'r in for a treat with this book!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

This story I found was great, I really enjoyed this one. L. J.  Higgins manages to suck you in from the very first word. It shows the warped minds that revolve around money. You are deemed not right and an outsider if you are a dreamer! A dreamer is an individual that the wrist-chip and or wristcuff doesn't work on. That means you have your own dreams and they cannot implant wants and desires into your mind through controlled dreams.

This story is based on Mind manipulation, Organisations that have pulled recourses together to form the MMC ( Multi Mind Corporation ) they are organisations that after humans started wanting less and less, and were happy without constantly wanting more and spending, formed together and created the MMC, which were there to in a round about way control the minds of every one. by introducing the wristcuff, that implanted thoughts deep in your subconscious, to make you want more, desire more and be less happy with what you have.

The main character is Amelia I really liked her character, she was at the beginning a very lonely character that because of being a dreamer was very much an outsider, and felt out of place in the world she lived in, if it wasn't for her best friend Sarah she wouldn't have had any life at all. But through out the book she became a strong character. Knowing more of what she wanted and she started to think for herself. There was a bit of a love triangle thing going on in the book, Amelia had to choose between two lovely boys, which is a hard thing to do when you don't really know yourself! She struggled with knowing what she felt or wanted, but I'm glad to say she does choose and it all pans out ok in the end.

Joe was a great character, I adored his happy go lucky character, he made me smile quite often through the book.

Cameron was shamazing!! I really liked him, what a strong steady character.

This book was very well written and I fully recommend it.

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