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Monday, 30 November 2015

Superb Read. A completely different take on Vampires!

The Wanderers, By Jessica Miller.

I received this book direct from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Wanderers! WOW! 

This is certainly a gripping book that has you on the edge of your seat just dyeing to know what is going to happen next.
I could not put this book down. However to begin with I was like ok... where is the wow factor??? Chapter one - two - three > I was like okay this is all right But! Then suddenly it wooed me! and i loved it...

This is not your normal vampire series. It's nice to have a different take on vampires. So no there is not really any love triangle, there is no girl meets boy, boy meets girl, girl is just normal, boy is vampire ruled by her potent blood and just has to know her! NO NO NO! This is something entirely different! A Must read!

I certainly don't want to give to much away so i'm going to keep it to a minimum.

Ella is an amazing character, she is so grown up for her age. But she still has a little naivety which I liked. She tries so hard to do the right thing. She for me is a loveable character. 

Tristen Well......... I Love Him!!! I'm married but boy would I love to play cowboys and indians with him!!! 
He is a hot sexy witty half-breed with enough sexy hotness to make us quiver!
He is a fab character with so much charisma and oomph, he makes you smile laugh and feel all hot and bothered.

Jack boy did I not see that coming! I was like WHAT!!! That was a pleasant /  unpleasant surprise! He is a great character although the story would not be the same without him.

Josie I loved her outgoing bubbly attitude, she makes you exasperated at her sudden silly antics, but smile at her witty attitude. She is fun and loveable.

O.M.G The ending you are going to need some tissues! What a cliff hanger. But i'm literally bouncing up and down in my seat to get me book mitts on the next book in the series.

100% recommend this book fantastic witty story with a lovely romance! Written very  well! 


Sunday, 15 November 2015

What lies within.

A book by James Morris.

I received this book from BookLoverCatLady in exchange for an honest review!

Here goes, I have rated 3 stars because I did like it but it didn't woo my socks off. I thought this book was written very well, a lough I did find a couple of spelling mistakes.

What lies within has been written very well, I liked the plot, I found that the characters okay. 

Shelly annoyed me I found for me she was a very selfish character that only really thought about herself instead of the people around her. She never thought about the consequences of her actions and how that would effect the people around her.

I loved winston he for me was a solid loveable character who brought love and stability to the book and I hope that if there is ever a book 2 winston will have a spot in that book.

This story is based on shelly who at the start was just your ordinary teenager at school with her one true Betsy Winston. She didn't really have any friends but Winston was her rock through out life. She suddenly receives a text from someone claiming she is in danger and that he is her brother, for shelly this is like freak out time She doesn't have a brother, she is an only child or so she thinks. I really don't want to give anything away and spoil it for someone else! So i'm going to stop but say there is plenty of heart pounding action as shelly uncovers her life and the mysteries behind her "Brother" and why they exist and the reasons behind her berth.

I actually like the motorcycle man! The assassin he really appealed to me it was just his little cocky gestures and I liked a scene near to the end of the book! 

I think I will actually read this book again! I think that my apprehension with this book is due to reading it straight after a few months of reading Romances, so for sure I will delve back into this book some time in the future.

Friday, 13 November 2015


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Mind manipulation! Definitely a good read!

Dawn of the dreamer. By L.J. Higgins.

Mind manipulation   A world where everything revolves around an Organisation using a wristcuff as a form of mind control! You'r in for a treat with this book!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

This story I found was great, I really enjoyed this one. L. J.  Higgins manages to suck you in from the very first word. It shows the warped minds that revolve around money. You are deemed not right and an outsider if you are a dreamer! A dreamer is an individual that the wrist-chip and or wristcuff doesn't work on. That means you have your own dreams and they cannot implant wants and desires into your mind through controlled dreams.

This story is based on Mind manipulation, Organisations that have pulled recourses together to form the MMC ( Multi Mind Corporation ) they are organisations that after humans started wanting less and less, and were happy without constantly wanting more and spending, formed together and created the MMC, which were there to in a round about way control the minds of every one. by introducing the wristcuff, that implanted thoughts deep in your subconscious, to make you want more, desire more and be less happy with what you have.

The main character is Amelia I really liked her character, she was at the beginning a very lonely character that because of being a dreamer was very much an outsider, and felt out of place in the world she lived in, if it wasn't for her best friend Sarah she wouldn't have had any life at all. But through out the book she became a strong character. Knowing more of what she wanted and she started to think for herself. There was a bit of a love triangle thing going on in the book, Amelia had to choose between two lovely boys, which is a hard thing to do when you don't really know yourself! She struggled with knowing what she felt or wanted, but I'm glad to say she does choose and it all pans out ok in the end.

Joe was a great character, I adored his happy go lucky character, he made me smile quite often through the book.

Cameron was shamazing!! I really liked him, what a strong steady character.

This book was very well written and I fully recommend it.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hot Fiery Read

Steady read, full of hot demons!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. LOP.

This is what you call a steady paced book, it doesn't have you tearing through those pages as if your life depended on it! But it was good, with solid story line & fun adorable characters. I liked each and every one of the characters, I liked the magical & forever changing world of Dschinnanya. 

This story is based on the life of a Demon "Alexander" and a half Demon Sariel. 

Sariel didn't know demons exsisted, She has lived a lonely life under the care of her uncle Harold, after her parents died in an accident. She never new she was half Deamon, so naturally she struggles to deal with what is thrown at her, but she is a strong character that really comes out of herself when she needs to save Alexander. He who sold himself to the wolves ( Harold ) inorder to save sariel who was dieing from taking drugs during her transformation.

I liked the fact that there was a considerable amount of feelings between Alexander and sariel, but there was actually no romance, But i woud most certainly say they both love each other and there will be a budding romance in book 2. However i did have a little thing for that shape-shifter Tamiro, I would love to see more of him in book 2.

All in all a very enjoyable book and story line, great ending! And am definitely excitedly waiting for book 2

Thursday, 5 November 2015

I am Ella

I Am Ella. Buy Me. By Joan Ellis

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I found this book difficult to connect with, it took quite a while to get into it and at around 43% it clicked for me, I don't really know why as it's a great story line based in the 80s where sexism was tolerated and morals were limited! With the main character Ella who is the copywriter for a company called CBA. I found Ella a really strong character who quite frankly was Bad-Ass when you think about how she handles situations in the male environment of CBA.

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She is laughed at & belittled, her ideas are stolen, she is treated with little to no respect at all. Ella spends a huge amount of her time dodging the slime ball of a man Peter Richards her Boss the Creative Director of CBA, When they have a little to much to drink one lunch time Ela returns to the office to re do her speech/letter pretending to be Marmalade from Kitty Rescue,

Having had enough alcohol to make her be outspoken she writes Marmalades letter then leaves it on her desk, this is then faxed through to Kitty Rescue and Ella is fired! But her boss has other ideas in order for Ella to keep her job he want's to come to a " little arrangement "! Amm well that doesn't sound to good does it? But does ella agree to fulfil his sexual needs in the office? Even worse does she see them through?? Well, you just going to have to wait and find out!! 

Peter was such a slime ball of a man I actually found him quite repulsive. Poor Ella!

I had two favourite characters. 'Wally & Adam' Wally was a very special character. I adored the relationship he had with Ella what a special man he was. Adam well he was just lovely and I'm so pleased with the ending of this book! Things are looking up for Ella! 

This reminds me of the boys at CBA!
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Joan Ellis is an inspiring Author she writes with such sparkling wit and is incredibly funny.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Fun Halloween Read.!

I found this a perfect short  read for halloween, which is exactly what I purchased it for.
I sat in front of the fire on halloween night and read this in 35 minuets.
It's a great short read full of fun and witchy shenanigans.
Emily comes into her powers when she turns 16, naturally she creates magic and mayhem! She raises the dead with a spell to revive her step brother after an accident. She brings back peter her ghost who she couldn't see until she actually turned 16, but he had been there all her life silently watching her sitting in her bedroom most nights. Peter is such a cool character and I felt it very moving at the end where Emily has to reverse the spell to send all the Zombies back to their Graves, which in turn allows peter to move on to the other side. Emily's & Peters short connection was amusing and fun.
This book made me smile and laugh ( even at the end get a little emotional ) 
It totally live up to its title "Halloween Magic & Mayhem"
I will certainly be reading Stella Wilkinson's other Books.

A Thrilling read of immortals.

Emerge. By Melissa A. Craven.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Melissa A. Craven has seriously just joined the top of my list of favourite Authors! Such an impressive start to a series and definitely has me wanting more!
I loved this book it flowed really easily, a fast page turner that kept me engrossed from start to finish, a highly recommended top read! 

This book is based on Allie who spends most of her life alone and misunderstood, people shy away from her, but there is a reason people shy away from her and she has no idea why. After a Un expected move her life is tipped upside down, this is where the handsome mysterious Aiden appears in her life, he doesn't shy away from her like she is used to. She faces hard times uncertainty, fear, and will have a lot of challenges thrown at her. I will go no further as I don't want to ruin the book for you.!

Allies is such a strong amazing character, this is a brilliant thing about this book, Y/A needs more strong female characters. I love her witty attitude and huge personality. She has such sassiness, which for me suites a flaming redhead with startling green eyes.! 

Aiden for me is a great character he along with Allie are my favourite characters. I love the relationship between Allie and Aiden and I am hoping for new height with book 2. 

Every character in this book flowed beautifully I enjoyed every single one of them. Liam I just adored! I loved the way they developed with the book, and they were so realistic, each and every one had a significance with the book and made it what it was, I love how Melissa built each one of them into this thrilling story, there wasn't any small time characters ( maybe apart from vince.) the focus was on all of them not just Allie and Aiden.

The whole Immortal thing is just great you would think well they are immortal so they are going to be something like your typical Angels or Vampire, but no they are immortal beings, who live supposedly for Infinity. However there are ways for them to be killed! And this makes this book so exciting as you don't quite know what is going to happen to them. 

This is a fabulous story line a perfect read if you like Action, sassiness, Romance, suspense and hot sexy immortals that can kick ass...