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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

This story sucks you into the troubled mind of Neve. Neve isn't your typical teenager she has lost her mother, her father has left to be with someone else, by doing this Neve is left with her wicked. Neve lives a lonely life keeping to herself, with no friends or family solitude has become her life.
On her eighteenth birthday her stepmother kicks her out, without actually knowing it this is where Neve's life could actually begin, where she can use self discovery to change her life and turn it around. After meeting the wonderfully strange Diner guys, Neve manages to bag herself a couch to sleep on, but how much will Neve gain? Will she manage to conquer her demons and overcome the view she holds of herself? Only Neve can change the course of her life, take control and remove those labels she has placed upon herself.

I feel there is only one issue with this book it leaves you wanting more. This is a beautifully written Novella Katherine has woven in such emotion into this story it literally hits your heart, she has also managed to place a lot of whit in this story which is mainly Neve's spunky attitude. I found each character developed very well, each one held a sence of mystery wich makes you want to know more. I loved each scene in the Diner these scenes I felt gave the book a little something special.

I would recommend this Book to all Y/A & N/A.

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