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All About me

I hate introductions I always feel that it's I this me that..! But her goes anyway.

Welcome to Charlotte's Read - Sleep & Repeat, I chose this name because that is pretty much My life, along with my children and Variety of Animals.

I live to Read and have a huge Love of Books, My scene at the moment is Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, I even like a little contemporary Romance in there aswel. 

I grew up in North Devon UK, i was homeschooled from the age of 12, i opened up a business in 2005 then over the years opened up another 2 shops, however i gave all that up after child number 2, since then 3 & 4 made an appearance, then i married my partner we bought a farm and now live semi Happily in the North devon hills, with a huge Variety of Animals.

On my Blog you will find Info on books, up and coming books, New Releases & Authors.

I love to read, I'm an Avid Reviewer & generally love talking books.

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