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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Brilliant Read!

Autumn City Of Angels #1
By Kirby Howell.

5 stars!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I found this book completely addictive! I felt every ounce of sadness, sorrow, suspense, hope and love! And I love it when a book does that to you, it shows a truly brilliant Author, one that can captivate you and make you feel all those emotions and more!

I really don't want to give and of this book away it's such a good story, with amazing strong solid characters! Autumn is amazing and I love how she grows throughout the book she starts of as this little panicked thing that thinks she can't cope, every bump makes her jump,and she turns into this strong brave character that is whiling to take risks, and can cope in dire situations!

Grey is brilliant i think Kirby Howell did very well to pick our interest with him and then kept him out of the lime light, with just enough supernatural appearances that we new he was a something and there was going to be a thing where Autumn was concerned but non us knew what, and that keeps us turning those pages in the hope we are going to find out the truth about him and see what buds between Grey and Autumn.

But what a brilliant story line! An Apocalypse a Fever named the Crimson Fever that wipes out 99% of Humanity, the tension and survival of the two groups os survivors the good guys and the not such good guys! Then you have the added romance! So quit literally you have Apocalypse, with most of humanity gone, Action, Suspense, Rebuilding and Romance all crammed into a book that you finish far to quickly! 

I am 100% going onto book 2!! Can't wait to find out what happens after that bombshell Grey dropped on Autumn!

However I really do hope that somewhere in book 2 Grey and Autumn have the chance to work together and have a steamy Relationship! 

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