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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Great Read! Action packed Paranormal Romance.

Fates devided #1. By Jules Barnard.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review by LOP...

I really enjoyed this paranormal romance, it's action packed and a relatively fast page turner, I thought it was written well, a good all round solid book, that will leave you awaiting the release of the second in it's series.

Elena has recently turned 18, which also means she has come into her powers as a halven ( half human half Fae ) 
She goes to Derek her neighbour for help and obviously this ends up to a budding romance, I loved the way Jules built up this romance and I think the fact it was between two very strong likeable characters helped. 

Elena is found by the Fae who are dyeing of a deadly virus which was created to wipe out the Fae population, Derek is dragged into this by following Elena into another realm within the college they both attend. Elena is threatened into helping the Fae and risks her & Derek's life to create a cure to save the Fae species. They end up travelling to Tirnan the ancient Fae realm, where they embark on a highly addictive adventure that is action packed, and makes those pages turn quicker, they find themselves in deadly situations, but one thing remains solid through out the whole book their solid bullet proof relationship, with the exception of the Beatrice hiccup which soon corrected its self... Naughty Beatrice. I really did dislike her!

I really enjoyed the brief encounter with Theodore Elena's Mother and really hope she has a larger role in book 2, I would really enjoy finding out more about her and see where her character goes.

Keen was actually one of my favourite characters all the way through the book, I found his dry humour and Fae arrogance really appealing, so again I hope he has a special place in book 2.

So as you can tell I'm awaiting to get my sticky book mitts on book 2 I cant wait to find out what transpires between the Fae and the halven. 

Overall great read so do give it ago.

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