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Friday, 16 October 2015

This is a Must Read for 2015.!

I have been given a ARC copy direct from Rachel Morgan in exchange for an honest review.

I received this ARC book Direct from the Author Rachel Morgan, in exchange for an honest Review.

WOW I Loved it.

Rachel Morgan has given us another magical spine tingling read with 'A Fearie’s Revenge’
This Book will leave you casting for more with this exceptional story of magic, Romance & Action.

This is a Brilliant Read! Creepy Hollow is one of my Favourite Series, I didn't think it could have got any better but I was wrong, A Fearie's Revenge Book 5 has left me with a serious book hangover! 

Calla is such a sassy character who is mentally so strong and grown up, she takes a lot of Snide remarks from her mentor and struggles to make friends, but she rises above everything and get's on even though life is tough!

I adore her relationship with Chase, even though she has just found out his biggest Secret, and his frightening past, they share Quilt about their pasts.He is there when she needs him the most, when her life is suddenly tipped upside down and she finds she has no where to go, The guild are after her, She has been put on the Griffin List.

I love every character in this series, Rachel's writing style is excellent she makes it easy to read and has you hooked from page 1.

Rachel Morgan has created a stunning world and I am hoping this Adventurous series never ends, and I have everything crossed for a book 6.

This is a Must read! But do start at the very beginning, Creepy Hollow Book 1.! 

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