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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Brilliant Read. The Violet Chain #1. By J.Kahele.

I received this book from Maxine Booklover catlady Publicity, in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this book, brilliant story line, loveable characters, Chain is amazing and definitely on my list of hunky book boyfriends.! Violet I found so frustrating, but I did still like her character.

Violet and Harrison we're at their engagement party when Violet walks into the room to find Harrison cheating with a 20 something Red Head.
Violets world has crashed around her, she is devastated.! Chain is a hot sexy ladies man, who just happens to be rich as hell as well, yes he is the whole package, Good looks - some serious Junk plus all the money he could need.

Chain is introduced to violet through their mutual friends David & Callie, Chain definitely has an immediate attraction, which is quite normal for a ladies man, but his feelings run a hell of a lot deeper quite quickly.! but does Violet reciprocate..? she has major commitment issues since what happened with Harrison, so can she commit or is she just going to use chain to full-fill her sexual needs...

This is a fast paced page turner that has you turning those pages all to quickly. I am now left dyeing to know what is going to happen in book#2 as what a cliff hanger.............

This book is really well written I adore J. Kahele's writing style, it has you smiling and laughing all the way through.

Spoiler Allert...!!!

We locked eyes instantly and I was drawn into his intense gaze.
I watched as David waved his hands in front of Chain's eyes. "Earth to Chain." But Chain ignored him and walked over to me.
"You're Fucking Gorgeous," he stated. 

This is such a good book and I 100% recommend it...!

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