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Friday, 16 October 2015

Brilliant Read.

Predestined. By Abbi Glines.

( Existence Trilogy #2 )

I adore these books By Abbi Glines, Existence is a fantastic series and I have really enjoyed Predestined book2.

It's a great story line based on pagan who should have died in book1 but Death Himself fell in Love with her and saved her from her from Death. Dank Walker well he is my serious Book Crush. In Predestined they are Dealing with trying to break the Deal that was made between pagans mother and the Voodoo Spirit to save pagan when she was a little girl, the price was pagans soul! 

This book has everything Romance 'Love' Action, Sadness, Loss, Sexy Hotness and Pagans Pure Goodness! It makes you smiles at times especially with Dank's Jealousy Quotes! But it also makes you sad! When we lose someone special in this book! I love a book that makes you feel all those emotions.

I find this book easy to read, it's so enjoyable that it comes to an end all to quickly! Thank Goodness for a book 3.

So this is definitely worth reading especially if you like a healthy dose of romance! But start with book 1 Existence. 

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