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Monday, 12 October 2015

Wow Loved this book.! Existence. By Abbi Glines. 
5 Stars...

Gosh i loved this book, what a touching heart felt read...

I Loved this book from the first page, I connected with it straight away, loved the characters, Dank is just wow.! And is definitely at the top of my list of book boyfriends.

Pagan i thought was lovely, and i fully understood her, some may say she is winey and over reacting to a broken heart, but for me she has seen souls all her life, but then Dank ( whom she assumes is a soul to begin with ) arrives in her life, he is the first one who has spoken to her, but to top it all off he is beautiful and he is Death. He interacts with her on a special intimate level, i loved the parts where she would be kissing leif and she would hear that low rumble growl... or when she would be doing something or saying something silly she would hear that low chuckle........ I found the singing to her at night so touching.

The connection between them was lovely. The ending was so emotional, ( you will need tissues.! ) AND I MUST SAY WHAT A CLIFF HANGER.

For me it was a wonderful read I fully recommend Existence, it's a fast paced page turner, full of forbidden romance, Love, sacrifice and sexy hot Death.! 

I am flying on to book 2 Predestined ( Existence book 2 ) desperately seeking what Leif is, if he isn't human.!!

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