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Saturday, 19 September 2015

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

OMG can I just say I LOVED this book.!!!!!! seriously if your sceptical with regards reading a book based on aliens, don't be with Pangalax.!! I am so so glad I have read this, it's Brilliant...!

Sm Koz has a great way of writing, it was easy to read, i love the characters, Veya was amazing i adored her strong character, i felt quite sorry for her throughout the book, Kye is just every girls dream he really made this book, and i am desperate to see where his & veyas relationship goes in Earth Book 2...

I found there were times where I actually found myself laughing out loud, and then times especially towards the end where it was so sad...!

But I can't stress enough YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK...! It has everything Action, Paranormal events, Love, Twists and turns, And what a cliff Hanger..!!!!!

My only thing is when i turned that last page to be met with the name of book 2 Earth... coming in 2017 What 2 years why so long, we all have to wait 2 years when you leave a cliff hanger like that.?????? Whhaaatttt we may be dead by then.????????? i can't stress enough that this is too long to wait.!


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